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NRL shakes up finals system in bid to thrill fans


Panthers and the Eels. This sudden pivot from the established norm has raised several eyebrows, and stirred up debates across various rugby forums. 

The Implications of the Change 

Pundits speculate that this decision could significantly impact the dynamics of the finals series. The NRL's move to rearrange the schedule is perceived to provide an unfair advantage to certain teams, while putting others at a disadvantage. The Broncos, who traditionally kick-start the finals series, will now have less rest time before their first match. 

On the other hand, the Storm, a team known for their excellent recovery and preparation routines, could potentially benefit from this new arrangement. They will now have an additional day to prepare for their opening game, a luxury not afforded to other teams

Reaction from the Rugby World 

"It's a bold move, certainly one that's causing a lot of talk. Time will tell if it's a positive change or just an unnecessary shake-up." - Anonymous Rugby Analyst

Despite the initial shock, many within the rugby world have warmed up to the idea. Some argue that this change could potentially boost viewer ratings by priming the weekend with a high-stakes match on Friday night. 

The Future of the NRL Finals 

The NRL's decision to break with tradition is, without a doubt, a significant departure from the norm. This change could be the start of a trend where the finals series becomes less predictable, injecting a new level of excitement and uncertainty into the sport. Whether the positives outweigh the negatives will largely depend on the outcome of this year's finals series.


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