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The disastrous time Nadine Dorries had hosting Piers Morgan's talk show was a good example of how not to do live TV.

It only took the Tory MP 12 seconds to make a mistake, and from then on, things went from bad to worse.

When she filled in for Piers Morgan on his TalkTV show, Nadine Dorries's latest project didn't get off to a very good start.

The Conservative MP, who was once Boris Johnson's culture secretary, has joined forces with the former editor of the Evening Standard, Emily Sheffield, to host Piers Morgan Uncensored while its usual host is on vacation.

The pair made their first appearance together on Monday night. On Tuesday's show, it didn't take Dorries long to make one of her usual mistakes.

Nadine Dorries and Emily Sheffield
Nadine Dorries and Emily Sheffield

She started off well by telling a story about Rishi Sunak's appointment as Prime Minister and how "for a change, a man is going to clean up a woman's mess," referring to Liz Truss, Sunak's predecessor.

But unfortunately for Dorries, she fell at the second hurdle, when she tripped over her words as she talked about the second topic of conversation for the night.

She was heard saying, "Sorry, I just messed that up completely," while Sheffield told her to "keep going."

Lastly, she said that she and Sheffield would be interviewing members of the Just Stop Oil protest group. We've watched this clip several times, but we're still not sure what she was trying to say here:

And as the show went on, things didn't get any better for Dorries.

During a discussion about the BBC license fee, she brought up one of her favorite topics... Channel 4 and its possible sale to a private company.


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