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Mother of boy killed by ex-LAUSD employee awarded $30 million in landmark decision: A deep dive into the case details


Furthermore, Vartazarian pointed out that Brand had been hired by a non-credentialed employee, without any input from the human resources office of LAUSD. A shocking revelation that the district did not verify the qualifications or background of those who had access to children. 

In a tearful testimony, Kenya Taylor shared her regret and guilt for trusting Brand with her child, stating that she thought her son was safe because of Brand’s association with the reputable school district. 

“I trusted him. I trusted the school district... I thought they had my son’s best interest,” she said.

Following the disclosure of these troubling facts, the jury held the school district predominantly accountable. From the total damages, $26.7 million were for Kenya Taylor's past and future emotional distress and $3.3 million for the loss of love, companionship, comfort, care, and assistance that Dayvon would have provided. 

The outcome of this case brings attention to the responsibility of educational institutions in ensuring the safety of their students, both on and off-campus. It serves as a stark reminder that safety measures should not just be limited to school premises. 

The verdict also raises questions about the selection and evaluation processes employed by schools and after-school programs. This case could potentially influence future legal actions against institutions over their hiring practices. 

A statement by the school district indicates they are considering their legal options post-verdict. However, the significant jury award underlines the necessity for greater scrutiny and stricter protocols in hiring staff, especially those entrusted with the safety of children. 

Changes Ahead? 

While it remains uncertain what the final impact of this high-profile case will be, it is hoped that it will serve as a catalyst for change. The safety of children in schools and after-school programs must be a priority, and this case has shed light on the dire consequences of negligence. 

The jury's verdict sends a strong message to all institutions; the safety and well-being of students should never be compromised, and lack of due diligence could lead to severe legal and financial repercussions. 

As the LAUSD reevaluates its hiring procedures and safety measures, other school districts nationwide may also take note. The tragic loss of a young life may usher in stricter regulations and practices aimed at preventing such devastating incidents in the future.


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