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Liberal Hypocrisy Exposed: Oklahoma High School Shooting Happens Despite Strict Gun Laws


Trump Supporters, Proud Boys Call for Stricter School Security 

In light of the recent shooting, Trump supporters and members of the right-wing group Proud Boys have voiced their concerns over the safety of school events. They urge lawmakers and school authorities to reconsider their stance on school security, citing instances such as the Oklahoma high school shooting as the need for more stringent measures. 

"Our schools should be a safe haven for our children," one Trump supporter expressed, echoing sentiments shared by many within the Trump-supporting community. "It's time to take action and ensure that our kids are protected." 

These calls for enhanced security extend beyond physical safety measures such as metal detectors and armed guards. They also encompass the implementation of stricter protocols for monitoring and addressing potential threats. 

"We need to stop reacting and start preventing," a Proud Boys member stated. "We need to be proactive in identifying threats and taking the necessary steps to neutralize them before they escalate." 

Shooting Revives Gun Control Debate 

The shooting has once again sparked the controversial gun control debate. While some believe that stricter gun control measures could prevent such incidents, others argue that the key lies in better enforcement of existing laws rather than introducing new ones. 

"Gun control isn't the answer. Criminals don't obey laws. We need to enforce our existing laws and punish those who break them," a local Trump supporter stated. "We must also address the root causes of these problems." 

Despite the varying viewpoints, one thing is clear - the tragic incident at the Oklahoma high school football game has underscored the urgent need to address the issue of gun violence and school safety in America.


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