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Kellerberrin shooting: Terrifying firsthand account of a farmer targeted by Lachlan Bowles following the murder of Terry Czernowski


The calm serenity of the Wheatbelt, a prominent agricultural region in Western Australia, was disrupted by a shocking incident on Thursday. A seasoned farmer, Rob Linto, found himself in the crosshairs of an unexpected threat. He described his encounter with Lachlan Bowles, a gunman who had earlier shot his colleague, Terry Czernowski, dead at Moylan Grain Silo manufacturers. 

"I was driving north of Kellerberrin when I spotted a lone man wearing camouflage pants walking down the road. I slowed down and the man stopped, propped, and pointed a gun at me," Linto recounted.

Reacting instinctively, Linto accelerated his ute past the gunman before hearing a sharp report and a telltale "tinkle". He would later discover a bullet hole in his cab, a grim reminder of the close encounter. 

Kellerberrin in Lockdown 

Subsequent to the murder of Terry Czernowski, the town of Kellerberrin was thrust into a state of lockdown. A massive manhunt was launched for Bowles, initially thought to be driving a grey sedan, only for him to be found on foot by Linto. Could this chance encounter have been pivotal in the police locating Bowles? 

Linto described Bowles as an 'everyday bloke', giving no indication of the violence that was to follow. The bullet lodged in his cab was a mere 500mm from his head, a chilling reminder of the deadly potential of the encounter. 

Nazi Link Probed 

Insinuations of a Nazi link have surfaced with reports indicating that Bowles was seen wearing a Nazi swastika armband and in possession of a Nazi flag. However, WA Police Minister Paul Papalia withheld comment on this matter as it is currently under a comprehensive investigation

The horror of Thursday morning unfolded at Moylan Grain Silos where Bowles shot Czernowski while their colleagues watched in absolute shock. The manhunt for Bowles ended in a standoff with police outside town, where Bowles turned the weapon on himself after hours of unsuccessful negotiation. 

Both Police district commander Rod Wilde and Minister Papalia commended the bravery of the responding officers. Despite being trained for such situations, confronting an armed individual is a daunting task

Town Reeling from Shock 

The quiet town of Kellerberrin is still grappling with the shock of this violent incident. The residents, still struggling to understand what triggered the attack, foresee a challenging time ahead. The funeral of Terry Czernowski is expected to be an emotional event that will further highlight the profound impact of this tragic incident

During the lockdown, the silence in the town was eerie and unsettling. Rose, an op shop worker, described the sensation as a 'sickly feeling'. Despite the terror and sadness, she remains hopeful, stating that in such situations, everyone works together to provide support.


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