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Jimmy Butler's 2023 Transformation: Miami Heat Star's New Hairstyle, Emo Phase, and Girlfriend


Jimmy Butler is an unconventional forward for the Miami Heat, known for his unconventional behavior such as playing country music in the locker room and starting a pandemic-era coffee company. He is known for his competitiveness and has pledged to lead the Heat back to the N.B.A. finals this season. 

During the Heat's media day, however, a lot of the attention was on his hair and some new facial piercings. He seemed to be digging into a new, 'emo' persona. However, this was not expected to stick around once the cameras were off. 

Butler known to be a provocateur, used his appearance to distract from questions about the team’s muted off-season such as the loss of two key players and being unable to secure Damian Lillard. Some speculate his 'emo' look might have something to do with his feelings about the Lillard situation. 

Despite his private nature, Butler occasionally offers glimpses into his personal life, like his friendship with Irish musician Dermot Kennedy and his love for karaoke. He is also optimistic about the upcoming season, despite the Heat's loss in the N.B.A. finals last season. 

On Tuesday, Butler arrived for the team’s first official practice of the season with his hair back in braids, though his 'emo' look was featured in his official headshot for the season.


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