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Decline of Australian Liberal Party, the case of Gladys Berejiklian and Brittany Higgins


In the Australian election on May 21, 2022, Anthony Albanese from the Labor Party won the prime minister's seat, while the Labor Party's seats also became the majority. The coalition led by Scott Morisson from the liberal party was forced to "go home" because it failed to maintain its power.

Many things are in the spotlight, why Morrisson failed again. What will be raised next is the issue of women. Gladys Berejiklian is the Premier (a kind of governor) of the state of New South Wales (NSW) who comes from the liberal party, at the end of 2020 her cohabitation partner (there is called a partner) is involved in corruption issues. Although Gladys was not directly involved, it caused her to resign from her post in early 2022.

Decline of Australian Liberal Party, the case of Gladys Berejiklian and Brittany Higgins

While Brittany Higgins is a former liberal party staff who worked in parliament. She made accusations that she had been raped in the parliamentary office by her co-workers. In the last two years, it has become a hot issue in the Australian media.

This paper does not explain that this is the main cause of the liberal party, there are other reasons that are more substantive, yet there the problem is considered a personal problem. If there is a violation, it is a personal violation.

But in the case of Brittany, it resonates with the chaotic and unfriendly management of the workspace. Meanwhile, in the Gladys case, it should be suspected that he was indeed involved in corruption, although legally he could not be blamed.

Gladys Berejiklian
Gladys Berejiklian

Gladys Berejiklian

NSW is a state in the far south adjacent to New Zealand. There is the big city of Sydney and the capital city of Canberra. So it's only natural that the gossip vortex is centered around that area. The main base of voters is the liberal party, the labor party is only a certain point.

At the end of 2020, Gladys Berejiklian Premier NSW was shaken by the corruption issue by her partner, Daryl Maguire. (In Australia the word partner is equivalent to wife and husband, especially among adherents of liberal ideology/party). Even though her face looks haggard when facing the issue, Gladys is still untouched. Many comments from supporters are also still full support. That the love affair between Gladys and Daryl had no effect on his performance as Premier of NSW.

However, when Gladys was called more and more often as a witness by ICAC (Australia's KPK) then she resigned from her position. This of course affects the Liberal Party that carries it.

Quote from “A sad aspect of Gladys Berejiklian's political fall is that it had to be over a “head-on-the-pillow” scandal — feeding into the undeniable phenomenon that women politicians get rougher treatment over sexual matters than men. ”

Daryl Maguire is a liberal MP from the Wagga Wagga constituency west of Canberra. On 3 August 2018 he resigned from parliament after being implicated in corruption. For some reason, after nearly 2 years of ICAC investigation, in 2020 he 'bite' Gladys' name.

Indeed, Daryl is impressed as a macho guy, especially in the office environment in parliament. He is a big motorcycle fan (Harley Davidson) with a leather jacket fashion even though he is not officially a biker member.

-------- Bikie is motorcycle gang who loves tattoos all over his body. Big enough Bikie gangs include Bandidos, Rebels and Comanchero. It is in the gray area. For dark areas, gangs of Arab descent are relatively powerful, but do not appear publicly. At least as seen in the news shooting / gang war ------

The plot of corruption that occurred was Daryl a property mediator for China's big boss. He received a fee for the purchase of the land. His position as a member of parliament and his love relationship with Gladys since 2015 as a powerful weapon to promote his job.

It was later proven that Gladys as Premier of NSW was procedurally innocent, even though she often had 'meetings' in bed with Daryl about the property. And Gladys is also not proven to receive a penny fee.

Brittany Higgins
Brittany Higgins

Brittany Higgins

It started when Brittany witnessed Scott Morisson doing activities (advocacy) on survivors of sexual violence on television, then she was moved. "Scott Morisson is a liar, he doesn't care about that," Brittany growled.

So in the middle of last year 2021, he told the media, that he had been raped by his colleague in the Parliament office in 2019 while still working as a liberal party staff in that office. He felt unprotected, even as if silenced.

At that time Brittany had reported to her direct supervisor, the Minister of Defense Industry, Linda Reynolds, but what she got was doubts when she wanted to sue. When trying to copy the CCTV footage from the office, it was also difficult for the officers.

What became a blunder was the reaction of Scott Morisson, who at that time was still Prime Minister of the liberal party. "If that's the case, why don't you just report it to the police, why are you talking about it in the media," said Morisson.

The reaction of the entire Liberal Party was relatively in favor of Morisson. Meanwhile, the Labor Party's reaction turned out to be quite wise, not taking advantage of the momentum to raise the party's rating. What actually moved was the women's activists with the demonstrations that rocked Sydney late last year.

--- (Unlike Canada, when there was a truck driver demonstration, there was one small party that became a "stove" and caused the country to be in a state of emergency. The months leading up to the general election in Australia were also empty of hoaxes) -----

Furthermore, Brittany filed a complaint to the police station, at first the lawsuit was rejected because it was considered insufficient evidence. Then earlier this year the case had already begun to be processed and brought to trial.

The next hearing is next month (June 2022) with the trial of alleged rapist Bruce Lehman, with the addition of three other women who experienced similar treatment at the office of the Liberal Party in Parliament.

Lately, Morisson's attitude has softened, and tries to really advocate for survivors of sexual violence. The reprimand from his wife may also have an effect, "Don't be too harsh when commenting on Brittany, imagine if your two daughters are the ones involved in the case," said his wife.


These are just a few of the dynamics leading up to the fall of Scott Morisson, and the rise of Anthony Albanese as Australian PM


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