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Cristiano Ronaldo buzz cut new haircut, champions league top scorers all-time


New video shows the rudest thing Cristiano Ronaldo could have done.

Fans have called out football star Cristiano Ronaldo after a video showed him doing something rude during a game.

Fans of Manchester United think they know when Cristiano Ronaldo refused to play against Tottenham.

Last week, when the Red Devils beat Spurs 2-0 at Old Trafford, the 37-year-old Portuguese superstar ran down the tunnel before the final whistle.

Manager Erik ten Hag later confirmed to The Sun that Ronaldo did not follow his orders when he was asked to be a late sub.

Because of what he did, he was kicked off the Man Utd team for their 1-1 draw with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

Things have been bad for Ronaldo in 2022.
Things have been bad for Ronaldo in 2022.

Now, new video has come out on social media that fans think shows the exact moment he said he wouldn't come on.

In a short video that has been posted online, Ronaldo seems to point at Ten Hag while he is sitting on the bench.

Then, when Jadon Sancho and Casemiro are taken off, he shakes their hands and heads down the tunnel towards the end of the game.

Fans were shocked by the video, which they think shows Ronaldo going against what Ten Hag wants him to do.

One person said, "This is wrong of Ronaldo. Roy Keane and anyone else who says otherwise is wrong. The manager is in charge, and you do what they tell you to do. Ronaldo is no longer at his best, so he can't start every game or make as much of an impact as he used to. He needs to realize this. He is destroying his reputation at United.

Another person said, "One thing is certain: he wouldn't act that way if Sir Alex was still in charge."

A third person said, "Come on, that's so rude of Ronaldo."

A fourth person said, "It was crazy to see him actually deny coming on. He could have scored a goal, too, lol."

Ronaldo went back to training with his team on Tuesday after he and Ten Hag talked about what was going on.

But it's not clear if he'll be back for Thursday's Europa League game against Sheriff, and there are still rumors that he might leave in January.


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