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Controversial viral video surfaces: Trans student Juan Marmolejo Segura caught in violent altercation with female friend at Hazelbrook Middle School in Tualatin, Oregon


In a video recently gone viral, a student is seen attacking another student at Hazelbrook Middle School. The event, which appears to have been planned and filmed by fellow students, quickly went viral on social media. 

The assailant has been arrested and the incident is under criminal investigation. However, the victim's reported distress after the assault has raised concerns about the conflict resolution skills of middle school students, particularly post-pandemic. 

Following this incident, the school is more strictly enforcing a policy against phones in school. They are also working towards teaching students how to effectively resolve conflicts. 

This incident has sparked much controversy and discussion, particularly because some conservative commentators falsely speculated that the attacker was a transgender individual. A tweet suggesting this has been viewed over 9 million times. On the other hand, the school district, bound by federal privacy laws, refused to comment on the student's gender identity. 

This presumption has led to inappropriate and hostile communication towards the school and the district. In response, the Tigard-Tualatin School Board issued a statement condemning the propagation and misinterpretation of the incident. 

Locally, these events have driven a dialogue around better disciplinary policies, with some advocating for zero tolerance for violent behavior. However, district officials stress the need for a more progressive approach that helps students recover from their mistakes rather than promoting zero tolerance.


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