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China trade War getting serious, australia under Anthony Albanase from the Labor Party


It is reasonable to suspect that the trade war against China under the leadership of Prime Minister Anthony Albanase of the Australian Labor Party is getting more serious, considering that the tactical steps that have been prepared are more systematic than the "originally beat China" recipe that was carried out by the previous liberal party.

China trade War getting serious, australia under Anthony Albanase from the Labor Party

Australian Wine Returned From China

At first, several containers of wine that had landed from Australia were repatriated. The total value of Chinese imports for wine in September 2020 worth 3 billion dollars (more than 4 trillion rupiah) was also forfeited. China has given many reasons, one of which is that Australia has done dumping, namely selling high prices domestically but selling cheap abroad. For Australian wine production, around 40% is for domestic consumption and the remaining 60% is for export.

It was the end of the Donald Trump administration in America, and most of the wine was then absorbed by America. At that time, Alibaba's Jack Ma was also being investigated by the Chinese police on charges of "subversion". I don't know what this has to do with this, it needs to be said because most wineries in Australia are of Chinese descent.

In the following month, October 2020, Australian coal exports were also banned by China. The total export in 2019 was 50mt, in 2020 it was 30mt and finally it became zero because it got banned. Indeed, Australia is the largest supplier of coal to China, while China is the largest steel producer in the world which of course requires coal for smelting.

Then the coal is diverted towards India, India is the second largest steel producer after China. At the end of that year, the old issue of the South China Sea dispute between China VS Australia was also quite heated.

And, at this time, May 25, 2022, the Quad meeting in Tokyo which was attended by the leaders of Australia, India, America and Japan, as an effort to build strength against China as a common enemy that has made efforts to "control" the asia-pacific region.

Australian reaction

The war on social media and news media is very hot. One of the pictures uploaded on the twitter account of a high-ranking official of the Chinese Communist Party about the atrocities of Australian soldiers while dealing with the conflict in Afghanistan was enough to heat up the atmosphere last year (2021). The online media that has become the mouthpiece of Chinese agitation and propaganda is (btw: China also often mentions western world propaganda)

In the Australian media, conflicts in the diplomatic realm also heated up, starting from gossip about the law to invite diplomatic gestures during meetings. When Australia was still under the liberal party, the reaction of its officials and politicians was very strong, even vulgar, many things became an issue to attack China.

However, among observers, almost all agree that Australia will not be able to close itself off from rejecting Chinese products. Because just like Indonesia, which is flooded with Chinese products, Australia's situation is more or less the same. There has been a very high dependency.

China trade

Anthony Albanase of the Labor Party

 In the last election, there were many accusations that if the labor party took the lead, Australia would be soft on China. Indeed, there is an ideological closeness between the workers' party socialism and communism, because extreme socialism is communism.

(Note: the downfall of the Australian liberal party was more likely due to public distrust of liberal parties, as seen in the seats in the DPR (parliament) which usually belonged to liberal parties, which were actually taken by independent (non-party) candidates, while the composition of the seats for other parties was "relatively “same as the previous election period etc etc.

When asked about the trade war against China, Albanese said he would continue to carry out diplomatic missions to China, and build strength with Japan, India, America and European Union countries such as France.

Please note that earlier this year (2020) the then Australian PM Scott Morisson was accused of fraud by the French president. Very crowded in the news and almost a legal case. Because Morisson is considered to have violated the promise of a submarine purchase agreement from France, and it turns out that Morisson bought from America. Please note that the European Union is a separate economic pact that is different from the American bloc.

Of course Australia in the current Albanese era is no longer a "Yes Man" to America like Morisson. Which is also very loud anti-Chinese voice, but in reality is very dependent on China. Surely the steps taken by Albanese will try to create a balance of trade so that they are not too dependent on certain countries. And of course will continue to trade relations with China, after all the trade items are not only wine and coal. From the comments and signals from the Chinese side to Albanese, it has given a possible green light towards the complete removal of the restrictions (banned) of these commodities. And it is certain that Albanese will not take this signal for granted, because profit and economic growth are not the first priority.

Henceforth, it is reasonable to suspect that the word "trade war against China" will disappear from media and social media coverage. But substantively Albanese will beat the drums of a real war.


It could be that the trade conflict with Australia is a deliberate scenario by China. Because china may pay more attention to nearby countries around it. Remembering the nickname of the bamboo curtain country or the country that closes itself. At least in terms of internet infrastructure, China is very closed off. There are very few hosting server providers outside China that are connected to China Telecom, and some are expensive. dll etc.

So when China cuts off coal supply, Australia may want to embrace a closer country like Indonesia, although the supply is less, it can be collected from other nearby countries and other sources (this is just a guess and the data has not been found).

Indeed, for certain items, China was far from attacking, but some things turned out to be lost. As in the last decade, oil exploration and its tankers are quite decent from Latin America. But since populist regimes in Latin America have been shattered, starting with the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez onwards, of course China has pulled its fleet from there.

There is also the case of Huewei executive in Canada Meng Wanzhou who was imprisoned two years ago but has now been repatriated to China. He was accused of having committed the crime of interfering in local politics in Canada. And in the end, on May 20, 2022, all 5G Huewei products were banned by Canada. Indeed, Canada is currently building its internet infrastructure (communication) on a large scale.

For the car industry, there are at least 18 factories in China, but they have not expanded on a large scale. It looks like it's all just a sound check, so if you lose, you don't take it too seriously. But for its influence in asia pacific is another matter, it is considered like a home page. It will definitely be done carefully, and China has found an opponent to compete with, namely Australia under the leadership of Anthony Albanese.


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