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The Block 2023 competitions episode 33 recap: Secrets revealed as Leah and Ash business


In the exhilarating world of The Block, where transformations of ordinary houses into extraordinary residential masterpieces occur, one can't help but question - what becomes of these architectural wonders post their televised critiques and constructions? 

Of course, this unique scenario avails the show's creators a golden chance for a dosage of humor, and it isn't one they shy away from. Their take filled with sophisticated wit, offering viewers a wholesome chuckle. 

The latest installment, episode 33, kept its passionate spectators teetering on the edge of their seats, before rewarding them with an unexpectedly gripping ending - a nail-biting draw for the top spot between the en suite bathrooms of two pairs, Kristy and Brett and Eliza and Liberty.

In a peculiar aftermath, the once fiercely competing pairs are now poised for a joint overnight stay - an unforeseen development raising the stakes and amplifying the suspense.

Here, we take a brief detour to revisit the journey leading to this cliffhanger climax.

The spotlight steers towards the crumbling friendship between Leah and Ash, and their erstwhile allies, Kristy and Brett, breaking the monotony of the routine bathroom judgement in this pivotal episode.

The preceding week saw Leah grapple with multiple incidents that raised concerns over the potentially harmful influence of Kristy and Brett. These concerns reached a boiling point with Kristy's accusatory onslaught when Leah paid Eliza and Liberty a visit – Kristy's arch-rivals.

This begs the question - is Leah's awakening genuine self-realization or is it a shrewd maneuver to protect her image, potentially safeguarding her home renovation business? Regardless of her motives, Leah is unwavering in her decision to cut ties.

One cannot overlook Leah's willingness to accept her share of the blame, a commendable acknowledgement. 

As they brace for their ailing friendship's inevitable collapse, their exchange teeters on the edge of a fiery face-off. Once Leah name-drops Eliza and Liberty, Kristy’s fury erupts, extinguishing any hopes of a resolution.

Despite the maelstrom of emotions resulting from a bitter fall-out, Kristy and Brett harbor skepticism about Leah and Ash's decision to spark this heated dialogue on-camera rather than in a more private setting. 

Next, viewers are transported back to the familiar territory of judgements. Opinions about Kyle and Leslie's master en suite, priced at a hefty $25,969, oscillate, whereas Leah and Ash's space falls under Darren Palmer's critical eye, earning a tag of "juvenile."

Conversely, Kristy and Brett's extravagantly priced $31,608 bathroom is hailed as "a true masterpiece" by Shaynna Blaze. On the other hand, Steph and Gian's similarly high-end room finds itself being compared to a quarantine facility. 

Incurring a cost of $29,662, Eliza and Liberty's room not only fares reasonably well but also secures a shared winning position with their chief competitors, Kristy and Brett.

The episode culminates in a further surprise twist - the co-winners are invited for an overnight stay at Scott Cam's residence in Gisborne, promising more captivating disclosures for eager spectators. 

Futures hang in the balance as Leah strategizes her next steps, wary of potentially awkward encounters with her fellow contestants. This presages that The Block's 2023 season might yet contain more intriguing conversations, stirring surprises, and revealing revelations. 


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