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Australia Football, Illawarra Premier League Season 2023 FIXTURES AND RESULTS


Olympic is scheduled to play Helensburgh in a game with anonymous players for the audience on a hot day with a northerly breeze. Despite starting the season with two draws, Helensburgh, who are up from Division Two, have shown that they will be a tough team to beat. Olympic, on the other hand, are the favorites and although they have a couple of players out, their quality side is expected to take all three points at home.

Unfortunately, the announcer at the grounds is unable to call out the names of the players for the fans due to the referees' decision to store game data in an unclear manner. This lack of transparency about games in the Illawarra Premier League raises concerns about the accuracy of the data provided by the referees and the competition's integrity. Referees have been known to mistakenly enter incorrect data on scorecards, leaving onlookers confused about who is playing, who scored, and who the substitutes are. To address this issue, starting from Round 4, the squads will be available on Dribl.

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