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11-year-old faces charges after shooting incident at Apopka Pop Warner football practice


The grim repercussions of a distressing event are becoming apparent as an 11-year-old boy is drawn into a grave legal predicament. The incident in question occurred during a youth football practice in Apopka, Florida, as per the information divulged by local law enforcement officials. 

Unthinkably, a Pop Warner football practice, ordinarily a routine event, became the backdrop for the shocking shooting event on a regular Monday night. 

The Apopka Police Department was alerted to a shooting at the renowned Field of Fame around 8:20 in the evening, a disturbing call received and recounted by Police Chief Mike McKinley. 

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According to McKinley's account, what started as a simple quarrel between three juveniles at the football field escalated into a vicious confrontation that ultimately spilled into the adjoining parking lot. 

The boy allegedly fetched a firearm from his mother's vehicle during the spat and fired a shot, hitting two 13-year-old teens. 

McKinley reported that one of the teenagers was shot in the arm, while the other sustained a wound to the torso. 

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The injured teenagers were hastily rushed to a local hospital with both now in stable condition. 

Local authorities have alerted that the juvenile shooter may be facing additional charges in relation to this incident. 

The exact spot of the incident is detailed below: 

Presently, a thorough investigation of the shooting at the Northwest Recreation Complex in Apopka is in motion. 

The aftermath of this incident saw a swift influx of police officers pouring in at the incident site, the celebrated Field of Fame on Jason Dwelley Parkway. 

An upcoming press conference promises to reveal more information about the incident. 

A news team from Channel 9 is at the scene, preparing to deliver an extensive report as additional details emerge. 

To follow the progression of this unsettling story, stay tuned to the latest broadcasts on Eyewitness News.


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